In my mid-twenties, I thought that I should bulk up, not necessarily to be stronger but to look stronger. I did not have any serious weight training up until that point, relying mostly on organic muscle development from ice skating and simple body weight resistance training.

I approached Kim Goss who was a strength coach at the Air Force Academy for help. Coach Goss designed a comprehensive weight program for me that incorporated exercises used by Bulgarian Olympic weightlifters and NCAA athletes.

Together with Coach Goss, we experimented with different weights, intensity and exercises to come up with a workout…

A road to perfection will make the impossible a reality by challenging your ability to overcome stumbling blocks, making you poised in the face of adversity, and giving you a great joy of accomplishment.

“Perfection is not attainable, but if chase perfection, we can catch excellence.”

Vince Lombardi’s famous line gets right in the heart of being a competitive athlete — a persistent chase of perfection. You don’t win by being just meh or mediocre because there is always someone else training hard to accomplish the same task a little better, faster and stronger. …

Our bodies are powerful instruments, but they have limitations that may dictate how we live our lives.

Athletes know all too well about physical and psychological barriers. Their bodies and minds are molded with time into the most effective shape for their sport allowed by personal genetics. Even more so do athletes competing with a disability. They push the limits of their condition day in and day out. So what can be learned from such superhuman efforts that could help in our everyday lives?

Take a critical look at your limitations

First, we need to recognize our limitations, and second…

Athletes fail on a daily basis, in practices and in competition. Let me repeat it. Athletes fail… all the time… every day… day after day. From minor mistakes perfecting a move to major collapses on and off the field, these failures put athletes in a vulnerable make-it-or break-it place throughout their careers. The position of each part of the body–from a toe to the tip of the nose–must be so precise that a deviation by a fraction of an inch can make a difference between a solid landing or a painful fall.

Until perfection is mastered to a point of…

My observations are based on personal experiences and those of fellow athletes who I was fortunate to meet in sports arenas and in courtrooms. Across different sports, nationalities, races, ages and genders, they all share certain characteristics that make their stories unique yet relevant to our everyday lives. What makes athletes to choose fighting and why? What character traits help them get up after a fall and carry on? Some answers may be surprising and enlightening.

I am a sports lawyer and a former professional figure skater. It has been over fifteen years since the last time I laced my…

Gorsha Sur

Sports Lawyer, Former Pro Ice Skater, Author of The Sports Lawyer Diaries: reflections on athletes’ essential character traits, motivations and life choices.

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